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StoneLike Refinishing will give your home a completely new and upgraded look in a matter of hours. Our expert technicians will give your existing countertops new life and you can use them 24 HOURS after the process is complete. This means that your home will not only look GREAT but it is also great for the enviornment and you will have the luxury of enjoying your investment the very next day!


Our process is eco friendly, inexpensive and FAST! If you would like to know more about the refinishing/resurfacing process, our FAQs will be quite helpful in taking the mystery out of our services, and what to expect when having any of your surfaces refinished and resurfaced.


Your countertops will look better than ever in 4 to 7 short hours and be fully ready for use 24 HOURS after that! Our product is the ONLY one who can offer you such a high turn-around time compaired to ordering granite or tile! Call us today and benefit from StoneLike's exceptional Quality, Products and Services.


StoneLike Refinishing is located in the center of the greater Phoenix, AZ Metro area and is fully Licensed and Insured.

TEL:. 602 503-7709    stonelikerefinishing@gmail.com

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